Stratus Online: Awakening

The first of an epic new LitRPG series.

Absolute Knowledge

In Absolute Knowledge, every  has a price.

Absolute Knowledge Box Set

In Absolute Knowledge, every thought has a price. Books 1-3 now available as a box set.

Star Exile: Singularity

Gritty, immersive Scifi LitRPG/Gamelit.

“The brain is more powerful than any computer, no matter how fast it is. Computers will always be limited by the sum of their components, the brain is not.” Master Aarlen

Absolute Knowledge

My Current Writing Projects

  • Star Exile: Dark Zenith 45%
  • Stratus Online: Godsworn (Stratus Online Book 2) 75%
  • Absolute Chaos (Absolute Knowledge Book 4) 10%