Hey Everyone, I hope you’re doing well. I’m excited to share three cyberpunk playlists that I’ve curated for different individuals. The first two, the Chill Cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk Core are more mainstream. If you enjoy Cyberpunk-ish music, then you’ll probably enjoy these. I cyberpunk-ish because cyberpunk technically isn’t an establish music genre, these are just, in my opinion, songs that remind me of the genre as well as help me write it in my novels. I need music to write, it helps me, it inspires me, and it keeps me going. Many of the songs featured in the cyberpunk spotify playlists I’ve created below are included in my main writing playlist!

The third curated playlist, the Hardcore Cyberpunk playlist isn’t for everyone. In fact, if you don’t enjoy heavy metal (Metalcore, Djent, or the heavier sub-genres of metal) you aren’t going to enjoy this playlist. I’ll break down each playlist a little bit, feature a few of the songs on each playlist on this post, then give you access to my personal writing playlist that I listen to when writing. Whether I’m writing, gaming, cycling, or doing house and yard work, I always listen to music.

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Chill Cyberpunk

This playlist explores the ambient side of Cyberpunk. If you’re just looking to relax or have something in the background that doesn’t require your attention or will distract you, this is the list for you. This cyberpunk playlist features Brian Tuey, Makeup and Vanity Set, and a good mix of cyberpunk-ish music to chill to.

Listen to the full playlist

Cyberpunk Core

This playlist is a mix of the first and third (without the crushing elements of metalcore and djent) and is more energetic. This playlist is probably ideal if you’re doing something a little more involved like writing or gaming and want to jam out while you’re busy. This list can be mellow at times, but it can also be full of energy. Expect a few of the songs from the Chill Cyberpunk playlist above, but also expect some heavier, electro-infused metal songs (without lyrics) as well. This playlist features The Algorithm, Blue Stahli and more!

Listen to the full playlist

Hardcore Cyberpunk

If you aren’t a fan of heavy metal, crushing beats, and brutal electronic drops, avoid this playlist. Seriously, don’t even click play on these songs, these are the heaviest of the heavy and packed full of energy. These metalcore/djent songs are integrated with electronica in clever, cyberpunk-ish ways, and many of these are staples in my main playlist. This list features Exotype, The Algorithm, and more! (The vocalist of Exotype, Steven McCorry, is also a graphic designer and designed the cover of my novel, Absolute Knowledge! How cool is that?) \M/

Listen to the full playlist

My Personal Writing Playlist

Featuring elements from all three lists and a lot of standard metal, metalcore, and djent, I need to be jamming out to this list to be productive. For most people, there will be a lot of stuff you won’t like, but hey, everyone has their own tastes in music. I will say, that if you enjoy metal, you’ll probably dig this list. Since I already included a lot of my electronica infused metal above, I won’t link to specific songs in this list, but rather give you the link so you can listen and follow on Spotify. This list is a work in progress, and I add new content to it every week.

Check it out, jam out, and don’t be afraid to make song recommendations. I’m always looking for new music to listen to while I write.

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