Going into week seven, eUnited will battle Team EnVyUs, hoping for their first win against a North American team in the division. While they are a strong group, Team EnVyUs struggled over the past few days in their games. Clayster, Arcitys, Prestinni, and SiLLY on eUnited will face Huke, Classic, Temp, and SlasheR on Team Envy for what is sure to be an exciting series.

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Map one (Gibraltar) Hardpoint:

Envy starts with a strong lead on eUnited, scoring valuable kills and being the first to put points on the board. eUnited is able to flip what appears to be a grim situation and gain control, securing the map rotation and climbing quickly on the scoreboard while Envy Falters. Clayster (eUnited) goes off, eliminating Envy’s ranks while reaping in killstreak rewards. Envy is unable to turn the situation around and falls on map one 250-110.

Series score: 1-0, eUnited.

Map two (Sainte Marie) Search and Destroy:

eUnited take the first two rounds of SND, pressing their advantage after scoring first blood. Envy stabilizes on round three with SlasheR sneaking in for an impressive flank kill on Clayster, splitting eUnited’s attention while Envy moves in from both sides, mopping up the kills and taking the round. eUnited, undeterred, take the next two rounds against Envy, pushing them up to a 4-1 lead in the SND map. Envy takes one more round win, but a strong showing from Arcitys and Clayster pushes the map in favor of eUnited who win the SND round with a score of 6-2.

Series score: 2-0, eUnited.

Map three (Flak Tower) Capture the Flag:

Coming into Map three, Envy needs to pull off the reverse sweep and avoid tilting if they want to take the series against eUnited. eUnited is looking to close out this map with a decisive win to secure a series win over Envy. Their play has been solid so far, and eUnited is hopeful for their first win against a North American team.

eUnited surges forward, hungry for the win. After a strong showing in the first round, eUnited is up 3-0. With their backs against the wall, Envy desperately seeks to reverse looming defeat. Envy starts the round with aggressive play, knowing they no longer have the luxury of caution. The gambit pays off, and Envy pulls through with an impressive performance from the entire roster, scoring three points to draw things out with eUnited as the map moves into overtime. In the final round, Envy secures the kills and snowballs, claiming the map and staying in the series.

Series score: 2-1, eUnited.

Map four (London Docks) Hardpoint:

Map four opens and Envy is working toward another win to draw it up and push the series to a game five. Both teams trade picks and SlasheR quickly finds himself at a five-kill killstreak, socketing in his Glide Bomb for later use. Envy starts to pull ahead with SlasheR popping off, securing his final killstreak reward (Artillery Barrage) and breaking the former record of kills on London Docks Hardpoint (50) with an impressive 55. SlasheR’s killstreaks, with the help of his team, maintain map rotation control against an increasingly frustrated eUnited. Envy takes a decisive victory on this map despite a weaker showing on the first hardpoint map of the series.

Series score: 2-2.

Map five (London Docks) Search and Destroy:

Forcing a game five, Envy is back from a rocky 0-2 start hoping to close out the reverse sweep in the fifth and final game of an epic series. eUnited needs the final map to close out the series and claim a win that looked a lot easier before the third map.

Envy pulls forward with a 4-2 lead, looking strong on London Docks. Envy needs two more rounds to win while eUnited now needs four. Envy claims a strong fifth win, cashing in on their advantage after taking out eUnited sniper Clayster before he could score a pick.

eUnited, determined not to lose the series, comes back with two more round wins, pushing the map scores to 5-4 with Envy in the lead. In what could be the final round, Huke grabs first blood on eUnited’s Prestinni, and Classic drops SiLLY with a headshot. Arcitys (eUnited) is there to respond, and takes a quick pick on SlasheR, looking to follow it up with more and save the round for his team. Clayster goes for the flank, but Temp was there waiting and guns him down. Arcitys, in a tense 1v3, tries to secure a second clutch win but falls short. Envy takes the round, and the map, closing out game five and winning the series with a reverse sweep.

Final series score: EnVyUs 3, eUnited 2.

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