Going into week 7, eUnited will battle Team EnVyUs, hoping for their first win against a North American team in the division. While they are a strong group, Team EnVyUs struggled over the past few days in their games. Clayster, Arcitys, Prestinni, and SiLLY on eUnited will face Huke, Classic, Temp, and SlasheR on Team Envy for what is sure to be an exciting series.


Map 1 (Gibraltar) Hardpoint:

Jumping right into Hardpoint on Gibraltar, Team Envy seeks an early capture on Pit Center and gets the ball rolling as Classic and SlasheR pick up kills. Temp holds the hardpoint, scoring a nice double kill on Arcitys and Clayster, but United positions themselves for the next capture, snagging multiple kills as the point expires with Team Envy in the lead 39-0. eUnited follows up on the momentum, grabbing the second hardpoint in the Fort Courtyard and not wasting any time. eUnited continue their hold, transitioning smoothly into Castle Road and quickly picking up a 50-39 lead. Envy manages to flip control of the hardpoint, but not before eUnited can put 74 points on the board.

Envy grabs the next hardpoint at Turret, seeking to catch up to eUnited. United flips the point again then grabs Pit Center as it becomes available. Clayster picks up multiple kills, helping his team hold Pit Center and pass the 120-point mark while Envy stalls out at 79. Both teams trade control of the hardpoint, spending killstreaks in attempt to secure valuable kills. eUnited maintains their lead, pushing through and succeeding on their rotations as the clock approaches the half-way mark. United leads on the scoreboard, and Envy is forced to abandon Castle Road, seeking early control over the next Hardpoint to try to gain full control and come back on a game that is slipping away from them. United is able to push through the early defenses, grabbing Turret and ramping up their score. As the point moves to Pit Center, United is up 230-102. Envy is Unable to stall or flip the point. eUnited crosses the 250-point threshold and take map one against Team EnVyUs.

Series score: 1-0, eUnited.

Map 2 (Sainte Marie) Search and Destroy:

Map two changes the pacing. With Search and Destroy (SND), respawns are disabled, so neither team can be so aggressive, focusing instead on playing as a team, controlling sightlines, and playing the objective.

Envy opens up on their attack with Classic carrying the bomb. Envy moves in and plants the bomb at Site B, drawing an immediate response from eUnited. Silly drops Huke first, drawing first blood and scoring a second kill on Classic. Temp responds with aggression, swooping in and killing Arcitys and Prestinni with his favored AR, leveling the playing field and leaving eUnited only 15 seconds to defuse the bomb. Clayster picks up the final kill for eUnited after Slasher takes out SiLLY, and eUnited secures a decisive round one.

Round two is off to an explosive start as SlasheR gets an early kill on Prestinni, but Clayster is able to respond with a sniper pick of his own, taking out Temp and securing the sightline between the bomb sites for his team. Arcitys picks Huke, and SiLLY is able to plant the bomb on Site B. eUnited sinks the remaining kills before Envy can defuse the bomb, up 2-0 on the map.

In round three, both teams opt for a slower start, attempting to gain control of sightlines without overextending. Clayster removes Classic’s head with a sniper round, taking first blood for his team as SlasheR completes the long flank and secures the kill on Clayster from behind. Temp drops Arcitys as he attempts to stop the bomb from being planted, and Envy has a strong advantage over eUnited for the round. Closing out the round, Envy cleans up the rest of United and brings the map to 2-1 in eUnited’s favor.

Both teams trade picks in round four, SlasheR killing Clayster while Prestinni takes down Temp. Prestinni tries to press his kill, surging forward but failing to notice that Classic was waiting for him on the other side of the corner. Classic takes the pick on prestinni and the advantage swings back in favor of Envy. Huke tries to press into a 2V1, using cover to try to even the odds in his favor, but he dies to a headshot from SiLLY. eUnited quickly secures the remaining kills and ends the round. 3-1, eUnited.

Starting in round five, Arcitys takes two kills on SlasheR and Classic, moving behind cover while the rest of his team moves in. The rest of Envy falls quickly, and eUnited take the round. 4-1, eUnited.

SlasheR takes an early pick on SiLLY in round six. Prestinni falls to Classic, but Arcitys is able to plant the bomb at Site A. Envy follows up and finishes out the round. 4-2, eUnited.

Classic and Temp pick off SiLLY and Prestinni in Round 7, securing two early kills and gaining a strong advantage. Arcitys is close to a killstreak, so Envy needs to focus him down to prevent that from happening. Clayster is able to respond with a kill on Classic, and he’s looking to find another. Arcitys gets the pick on Temp, winning an unlikely gunfight while Clayster plants the bomb. The final kill comes in for eUnited, and they claim the round. 5-2, eUnited.

Arcitys uses his Glide Bomb to take a pick on Huke while Prestinni takes out Classic, creating an immediate advantage for eUnited. SlasheR’s flank doesn’t work out, but Temp is able to ice SiLLY, swinging the fight back to a 2V2. The bomb is planted, and eUnited secures the remaining kills, scoring 6-2 and taking map two of the series.

Series score: 2-0, eUnited.


Map 3 (Flak Tower) Capture the Flag:

Coming into Map 3, Envy needs to pull off the reverse sweep if they want to take the series against eUnited. Envy has pulled off the reverse sweep before, coming back and avoiding the dreaded tilt. eUnited is looking to close out this map with a decisive win to secure a series win over Envy. Their play has been solid so far, and eUnited is hopeful for their first win against a North American team.

Both teams get off to an explosive start, trading picks in the center of the map until eUnited can pull ahead and press their advantage. The squad moves into Envy’s territory, seeking a quick capture, but Envy is able to return the flag and go for the offensive push, managing to grab the flag. Prestinni, goes on a rampage, Grabbing Envy’s flag and scoring first, 2:54 left in the round. Envy resets, taking two picks on eUnited and trying to push in, but falling short. eUnited press their advantage, securing more picks and taking a well-fought second capture with 1:28 left in the round. Envy presses in again, picking Arcitys and Prestinni while making their way to eUnited’s flag with ease. Prestinni cleans up with a mortar strike, managing to kill the remaining Envy players and stop them from capturing the flag. In a last-second attempt, eUnited scores yet another capture to end the first round.

Round 1 score: eUnited 3, Envy 0.

Starting in round 2, Envy is trying to come back, knowing if they lose the map they will lose the series. Envy and eUnited trade picks, and Envy must push forward and play aggressive, desperately needing to put points on the board to stabilize on the map. Managing picks, a well-timed Fighter Pilot guides Envy to their first capture, putting a point on the board. Caught out of position, Envy cleans up the remainder of eUnited, scoring a free capture and narrowing the score gap to just one point. With the clock ticking down, Envy only has one minute to draw things up and save the series. SlasheR, taking a quick double kill, is able to grab the enemy flag while Classic comes in with a clutch Fighter Pilot to oppress eUnited and secure the final capture, securing a 3-3 draw between both teams with 30 seconds left. Both teams scramble for one last point, but ultimately can’t get there, pushing the game into a final overtime round, neither team with the luxury of playing it slow.

Round 2 score: eUnited 3, Envy 3.

With multiple killstreaks available, Envy is ahead and decides to press their advantage to attempt a flag capture. eUnited manages to pick off all of Envy, rushing with Envy’s flag in a mad dash to make it back to their base. Envy launches killstreaks in to try to stop the capture, but narrowly miss the save.

Round 3 score: eUnited 4, Envy 3.

Classic opens up with a double kill, clearing up the right lane of the map for an easy capture. SiLLY is able to move in and retaliate, taking a double kill against Temp and SlasheR. As picks are traded, the desperation mounts for Envy with only 1:15 left to capture the flag.Envy gets the kills and takes the map, beating eUnited and putting their first point on the scoreboard as they hope for the reverse sweep.

Series score: 2-1, eUnited.

Map 4 (London Docks) Hardpoint:

Map 4 opens and Envy is working toward another win to draw it up and push the series to a game five. Both teams trade picks and SlasheR quickly finds himself at a 5-kill killstreak, socketing in his Glide Bomb for later use. Statue opens, and eUnited holds it for the majority of its duration. Envy takes Main Street, holding the point uncontested and preparing to take Docks Warehouse, but eUnited is already set up. Envy and eUnited tie things up, making it a close game as both teams work toward establishing map control on the rotations. At Barrel building, Envy is able to pull ahead, breaking to 95 points while eUnited is stuck at 64. SlasheR starts to pull forward, carrying at 24 kills-7 deaths and socketing in more killstreak rewards for Envy. SlasheR caps out at eight kills, unlocking his barrage killstreak while his team shows no signs of slowing down. eUnited struggles for picks, falling behind as Envy continues to climb and secure their rotations. SlasheR’s Artillery Barrage allows Envy to hold control, ramping up their points and climbing above 160 while eUnited is stalled at 104. eUnited struggles for control, but can’t break through Envy. Forcing a game 5, SlasheR comes in with an insane 55 kills, beating the old professional record of 50 kills on London Docks.

Series score: 2-2.

Map 5 (London Docks) Search and Destroy:

Forcing a game 5, Envy is back from a rocky 0-2 start hoping to close out the reverse sweep in the fifth and final game of an epic series. eUnited, with a strong start to the series, must now finish things in the final map to close out the series and claim a win that looked a lot easier before halftime.

The round starts fast, with Envy securing the first pick on Clayster while managing a sneaky bomb plant at Site B. eUnited must respond immediately, but they’re already disadvantaged. Huke and Classic pick up two more kills, and Envy is able to finish out the first round with ease. 1-0, Envy.

Temp finds first blood on Prestinni in round two. Clayster dives right into Huke’s crosshairs, and eUnited is already down half their team. Huke pushes in, taking the last two kills, enjoying the glory of a triple kill, and winning the round for Envy. 2-0, Envy.

Arcitys takes the first pick on Classic, but SlasheR is there to respond, taking down Arcitys. SiLLY moved in and guns down SlasheR, but is picked by Huke immediately after, turning the fight into a 2v2, but the bomb is already planted at Site A. eUnited moves in, secures the remaining picks, and saves the round, defusing Envy’s bomb with time to spare. 2-1, Envy.

SlasheR draws first blood on Arcitys, and Temp drops SiLLY. Envy is quick to follow up and finishes out an easy round. 3-1, Envy.

Classic’s grenade finds Arcitys caught in a bad spot, locking in the first pick for Envy. Clayster needs to push in to make progress, but he is kitted out with a pistol and a sniper, and runs right into SlasheR’s AR, unable to win the fight. Envy takes the final pick and wins the round. 4-1, Envy.

Envy is off to a bad start this round as Classic walks right into Temp’s line of fire, taking a bullet to the head and falling early. Prestinni picks two, and Envy is down to just SlasheR. To avoid feeding more killstreak progress, SlasheR jumps into the frigid dock water, ending the round in favor of eUnited. 4-2, Envy.

Clayster, hoping for a sniper pick, is positioned along a long sightline, but SlasheR peaks him from a different position and takes him down with a well-aimed headshot. Huke’s Fighter Pilot takes out SiLLY, swinging the match to a 4-2 in Envy’s favor. Classic moves in and gets the pick on Arcitys, and Envy finishes out the round. 5-2, Envy.

Envy rushes in, taking three picks while eUnited reciprocates with two. Arcitys moves in and takes down Temp, turning the battle into a 1V1 with Arcitys against SlasheR. Just as it seems SlasheR has it in the bag, Arcitys manages to swing the fight in his favor and saves the round for eUnited. 5-3, Envy.

Clayster pulls the first pick on Temp, following up with a pick on Classic before SlasheR downs Prestinni. Clayster grabs Huke, and SlasheR is left alone to face three opponents. Clayster finishes out the round with a pick on SlasheR, and eUnited take the round. 5-4, Envy.

Huke grabs first blood on Prestinni, and Classic drops SiLLY with a headshot. Arcitys is there to respond, and takes a quick pick on SlasheR, looking to follow it up with more. Clayster goes for the flank, but Temp was there waiting and guns him down. Arcitys, in a tense 1v3, tries to secure a second clutch win but falls short. Envy takes the round, and the map, closing out game five and winning the series with a reverse sweep.

Final series score: EnVyUs 3, eUnited 2.

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