Coming into week four of stage two, Dallas Fuel was geared up to rekindle the burn and secure the win against Boston Uprising. Last time the two teams duked it out in stage one, Uprising managed to secure the series 3-2 on the tiebreaker map in an adrenaline-fueled brawl of attrition. Dallas Fuel struggled in weeks two and three of the regular season, falling to the Los Angeles Valient, Seoul Dynasty, San Francisco Shock, then finally the Florida Mayhem in a reverse sweep. Fuel came into this match with a record of 5-11.

For Boston Uprising, a team also having a rough start to stage two after a rather impressive stage one performance, they were prepared to secure the win in the rematch with Fuel. Boston was coming in after losing to Philadelphia Fusion, Houston Outlaws, New York Excelsior, and the London Spitfire. In stage two, Boston Uprising secured wins against the Florida Mayhem and the Shanghai Dragons prior to the rematch against Fuel. Uprising’s overall record at the time of this match was 8-8.

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The Starting Lineups

Starting out for Dallas Fuel was aKm, chipshajen, Custa, Effect, Mickie, and Taimou.

Coming in for the Boston Uprising was DreamKazper, Gamsu (back from a week off due to illness), Kellex, Neko, Note, and Striker.

Map 1 (Volskaya Industries):

Boston attacks first, wasting no time and jumping into the fray. After what appeared to be a strong Dallas defense, Boston is able to push in on DreamKazper (Widowmaker) landing a headshot on aKm’s Soldier 76, taking him out of the fight. Striker (Tracer) and Note (D.Va) secure more picks on Fuel, and follow up to take Objective A with 4:50 left in the time bank. Attempting to snowball on their advantage, Boston pushes through to Objective B, putting pressure on Dallas and scoring eliminations. Fuel’s defense falls and Boston takes Objective B with 3:33 left in the time bank.

Fuel begins their offense, looking confident. Both teams trade picks on Objective A, but Fuel is able to secure the high ground and a strategic position. Just as it looks like Uprising is going to be able to hold their defense, Custa’s (Lúcio) Sound Barrier is able to push Fuel to a quick Objective A capture with 5:10 left in their time bank. Boston’s defense holds strong on Objective B, and despite taking two ticks on the second objective, Fuel is unable to complete their attack and Boston claims the first map.

Boston Uprising 1-0 in the series.

Map 2 (Lijiang Tower):

Both teams look to secure a strong position on Lijiang Tower Night Market. DreamKazper (Soldier 76) is able to sneak behind Dallas Fuel, peppering the opposition with his heavy pulse rifle while his team pushes up from the other side. Picks are traded on both sides, but Uprising pulls through, taking control of the objective early. Fuel manages to flip control once Uprising has secured 99% control, but a powerful zoning Primal Rage from Uprising’s Gamsu (Winston) wins the first control map for the Boston Uprising.

The map moves to Garden, and the battle surges forward. aKm and DreamKazper (both Pharah) duel in the skies while the rest of the players battle for control of the point. Fuel’s Effect (Tracer) is able to secure kills with his team, and Fuel captures the point first, quickly securing 71% control before Boston can take the objective. Boston’s defense holds, and DreamKazper (Pharah) and Striker (Tracer) eliminate Fuel’s ranks, socketing in the win for Boston Uprising.

Boston Uprising 2-0 in the series at halftime.

Map 3 (King’s Row):

Down 2-0 in the series, Dallas Fuel needs the reverse sweep to win the series against Boston Uprising. Boston Uprising substitutes Kalios in for Note while Dallas Fuel opts to run the same players for the start of the second half, effectively locking in their roster for the remainder of the map.

Boston attacks first with Gamsu (Winston) leaping right in and taking out Fuel’s Taimou (Winston). Uprising’s Kalios (D.Va) boosts in to take out chipshajen (Zenyatta) and Boston takes a quick Objective A with 5:38 left in their time bank. Boston’s attack remains strong, and Fuel is unable to hold to the end. Uprising completes their attack run with 2:35 left in the time bank.

Dallas Fuel Prepares to attack, but Boston’s defense holds strong with DreamKazper’s Widowmaker tallying up valuable eliminations against Dallas. On Uprising’s side Gamsu and Kalios, are able to continually take out Fuel’s support players (Custa and chipshajen) and Fuel is unable to take Objective A, falling to Boston.

Boston Uprising 3-0 in the series.

Map 4 (Watchpoint: Gibraltar):

With Boston Uprising officially taking the series against the Dallas Fuel, they will try to secure the final map for a 4-0 sweep while Fuel will try for the win to put points on the board. Boston will sub Note back in for Kalios, while Fuel will continue to run the same roster to finish out the series.

Boston attacks first, struggling against Fuel’s aKm (Sombra) and Taimou (Roadhog). When Taimou finally falls to DreamKazper (McCree), his reign of terror with Roadhog ends, and Boston Uprising is able to break through what was a very strong defensive showing from the Dallas Fuel. Boston presses forward, completing their attack run in overtime.

For their attack, Fuel decides to run aKm on Widowmaker and Effect on Genji. Effect is unable to use his Dragonblade and is caught behind enemy lines. Fuel’s attack falters at the end, and Dallas is unable to take Objective A. Boston claims the final map and finishes the series with a full sweep.

Final series score: Boston Uprising 4-0.


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