Coming into week four of stage two, Dallas Fuel was geared up to rekindle the burn and secure the win against Boston Uprising. Last time the two teams duked it out in stage one, Uprising managed to secure the series 3-2 on the tiebreaker map in an adrenaline-fueled brawl of attrition. Dallas Fuel struggled in weeks two and three of the regular season, falling to the Los Angeles Valient, Seoul Dynasty, San Francisco Shock, then finally the Florida Mayhem in a reverse sweep. Fuel came into this match with a record of 5-11.

After the recent release of Félix Lengyel (xQc), Fuel’s main Winston player, the team has struggled for identity and cohesion amongst searching for a core roster to maximize player synergy. DPS all-star Taimou took up the reigns as Winston, socketing into a role foreign to him while working on his ability to improve communication and create space for his team to thrive.

For Boston Uprising, a team also having a rough start to stage two after a rather impressive stage one performance, they were prepared to secure the win in the rematch with Fuel. Boston was coming in after losing to Philadelphia Fusion, Houston Outlaws, New York Excelsior, and the London Spitfire. In stage two, Boston Uprising secured wins against the Florida Mayhem and the Shanghai Dragons prior to the rematch against Fuel. Uprising’s overall record at the time of this match was 8-8.

The Starting Lineups

Starting out for Dallas Fuel was aKm, chipshajen, Custa, Effect, Mickie, and Taimou.

Coming in for the Boston Uprising was DreamKazper, Gamsu (back from a week off due to illness), Kellex, Neko, Note, and Striker.

Map 1 (Volskaya Industries):

Starting off on offense, Boston Uprising runs a fairly standard team composition of Winston, D.Va, Widowmaker, Tracer, Zenyatta, and Mercy, jumping right into their attack with Gamsu and Note leading the charge. Fuel holds the high ground, contesting DreamKazper’s Widowmaker and driving the Uprising off the point. Taimou draws first blood as Winston against his tank rival Gamsu, and Mickie sweeps in as D.Va to bully Boston off the point and send their first offensive attempt packing.

The second offensive attempt comes in hot, and Taimou falls, but Fuel is able to trade picks and stabilize once again, giving Taimou the chance to make it back to point. Taimou leaps in with a Primal Rage, zoning for time, but he is all alone and after suffering massive damage, is forced to dive back to point from the choke. DreamKazper headshots aKm’s Soldier 76, and gives Striker’s Tracer the opportunity to pounce on Custa’s Ana perched on the high ground. Custa falls, Note takes out Mickie, and Boston is able to push the advantage, cleaning up on Objective A and securing the first point and bumping their time bank up to 4:50 to take Objective B.

Dallas makes some switches for their Objective B defense, moving aKm over to Genji and swapping chipshajen’s Zenyatta for Sombra, meanwhile, Boston keeps running the same composition. Neko’s Transcendence is forced out early, and DreamKazper finds a pick on aKm’s Genji, allowing Boston to press onto point, taking down Taimou as they go. Custa falls to Striker, and Boston takes the first tick, snowballing on their progress and finding more kills. The kill feed ignites with white, and Dallas is unable to stabilize on the objective, giving Boston two points with 3:33 left in their time bank.

Fuel prepares for their attack, running Winston, D.Va, Genji (aKm switches from Soldier 76 just before the round starts), Tracer, Lúcio, and Zenyatta against the same composition Uprising ran for their attack. Taimou dives onto Boston’s defense in the back high ground, creating space for his team, but Uprising reciprocates, jumping onto Fuel’s attack while DreamKazper sits in the back launching potshots with his Widowmaker. Neko’s Zenyatta takes down Fuel’s D.Va and Tracer, effectively ending Dallas’s first push.

Fuel comes in with their second attempt, jumping onto the high ground and managing to take out the enemy Zenyatta, but Note’s D.Va is able to drop Taimou’s Winston early in the fight. Both teams trade picks and Fuel is able to claim the first two ticks on Objective A, both teams spending ultimates to try to win the fight.  Boston spends more resources, but Custa’s Sound Barrier is able to push Dallas over the edge to capture Objective A, 5:10 left in their time bank.

Fuel wastes no time getting to Objective B, but chipshajen falls early to Striker’s Tracer. Uprising is able to follow up on the kills, and Fuel is forced to reset. Taimou falls first in Fuel’s next attack, ending it early and forcing another reset. Effect’s Tracer lands a stick with Pulse Bomb, baiting out Uprising’s Transcendence early. Moving in on this, Fuel spends more ults to try to win, but Uprising is able to stabilize and stop the push early before Fuel can secure the first tick on Objective B.

Fuel comes in hot with Effect killing two on Boston, opening up the objective to take two ticks, but Boston is able to repel the attack, leaving Fuel with only 1:12 in their time bank to capture Objective B. Fuel is unable to pull through on their last attack, and Boston wins the map.

Boston Uprising 1-0 in the series.

Map 2 (Lijiang Tower):

Starting off on the first round of control at Night Market, Fuel and Uprising enter with the same team composition of Winston, D.Va, Soldier 76, Tracer, Lúcio, and Zenyatta. Boston bullies their way onto point with the help of their tanks, and both sides have yet to lose a player. Fuel pushes their way through, but DreamKazper is already behind them, peppering Fuel with his heavy pulse rifle while his team pushes up from the other side. Picks are traded on both sides, but Uprising pulls through, taking control of the objective early and killing most of Dallas Fuel.

As Fuel push in to try to flip control, Gamsu’s Winston boops aKm off the map, and he follows up with more kills while protecting his team on point. Dallas resets and pushes back in, trading ultimates, securing kills, and finally flipping control of the point after Boston had claimed 99%. Boston comes back, eager to secure the win. Striker’s Tracer takes down Taimou’s Winston early, and Gamsu is able to push in with his Primal Rage, knocking Fuel off the point and following up to secure valuable kills for his team. The point flips again, and Dallas Fuel is unable to reclaim it.

Boston Uprising 1-0 on Lijiang Tower.

The battle moves to Garden, and Boston Uprising is hungry to close out the map with a win. Dallas knows they need to win Garden if they want any chance of saving the map. Right off the bat, we have a Pharah duel with aKm and DreamKazper trying to blast each other out of the skies. Both teams are running an identical composition of Winston, D.Va, Tracer, Pharah, Lúcio, and Zenyatta. Mickie and Effect take down Gamsu and Striker, while DreamKazper knocks chipshajen’s Zenyatta off the bridge to a grim demise. While the airborne battle continues, Dallas Fuel is able to claim the point, securing an early capture. Effect sinks more kills, holding the point for Fuel while Boston struggles against the defense.

aKm’s Rocket Barrage is blocked by Note’s Defense Matrix, and he falls. Boston secures more kills, flipping the point over into their control after Dallas secured 71% on the objective. Uprising has ultimate advantage and holds the point after a tense battle, quickly matching Fuel’s 71% on the point as Fuel jumps in for another brawl. Fuel flips the points once Uprising has 94% control, and the two duel it out. Striker and DreamKazper secure the needed kills, flipping the point once again. Note zones out aKm’s desperate final attempt to dash onto the point and Boston Uprising will secure the map.

Boston Uprising 2-0 in the series.

Map 3 (King’s Row):

Down 2-0 in the series, Dallas Fuel needs the reverse sweep to win the series against Boston Uprising. Boston Uprising substitutes Kalios in for Note while Dallas Fuel opts to run the same players for the start of the second half, effectively locking in their roster for the remainder of the map.

Boston attacks first, leaping right in with Kalios and Gamsu while DreamKazper continues to run Pharah. Gamsu takes out Taimou’s Winston early on, clearing space for him and Kalios to jump on chipshajen’s Zenyatta, securing the kill quickly. Winning the fight, Uprising is able to secure Objective A with 5:38 in their time bank. Keeping the same composition, Boston pushes forward with the payload while aKm switches off widowmaker to Pharah, once again ready to duel it out with DreamKazper in the mirror match. Dallas pops both of their support ultimates, committing resources to end the fight early and succeeding. Boston resets, preparing to face off again and press their advantage. DreamKazper takes out a barraging aKm with his own barrage, and the kill feed glows white. Boston wins the fight and moves the payload closer to its destination. In the next fight, Taimou falls early, and Boston secures the checkpoint, Fuel unable to contest again.

As Boston roll forward, Effect switches to Widowmaker, securing a quick headshot on Kellex’s Mercy, but Striker takes out both of Fuel’s supports, finishing out the attack with 2:35 left in the time bank.

Dallas Fuel begins their attack round running the same composition Boston used, moving in and attempting to secure the objective early. Effect and DreamKazper battle each other in the Widowmaker duel while the rest of the players look to secure the first pick for their team. Gamsu takes down chipshajen first, but Mickie is able to reciprocate by taking down Kellex’s Mercy. Striker follows up by eliminating Custa, and both of Fuel’s supports are down. Dallas resets and pushes in again, but Boston is able to stop the attack in its tracks, taking down multiple Fuel players and once again driving the offense to a grinding halt. aKm switches over to Genji, looking to help his team secure Objective A. The offense falls again, resetting again to try to take the first objective with only one minute remaining.

Dallas comes in again, securing the first tick on Objective A while spending ultimates to try to win the fight. Fuel starts to fall, and aKm is taken out before he can use his Dragonblade. Time runs out, and Boston claims the win on King’s Row, effectively winning the series.

Boston Uprising 3-0 in the series.

Map 4 (Watchpoint: Gibraltar):

With Boston Uprising officially taking the series against the Dallas Fuel, they will try to secure the final map for a 4-0 sweep while Fuel will try for the win to put points on the board.

Boston will sub Note back in for Kalios, while Fuel will continue to run the same roster to finish out the series.

Dallas starts on defense, running a composition consisting of D.Va, Roadhog, Sombra, Tracer, Ana, and Zenyatta. Taimou is back on Roadhog, a character he is much more comfortable with than Winston. Boston opens with D.Va, Winston, Tracer, Hanzo, Mercy, and Zenyatta.

Fuel starts off strong, winning the fight handily and holding Uprising in their spawn. After a failed ultimate, DreamKazper switches off Hanzo in favor of Widowmaker to try to control the sightlines leading to the high ground. A boosted Roadhog ultimate, the “Nano-Hog” makes quick work of Gamsu and Neko, driving the rest of Uprising back into their spawn once again.

Taimou falls to DreamKazper’s McCree switch with a well-timed flashbang, and Boston Uprising is finally able to get the payload moving, breaking what was a very strong defensive showing from Dallas Fuel. DreamKazper’s Deadeye finds both Fuel supports, and Uprising is able to push up, closing out the first checkpoint after one final fight. Boston wins more fights, moving through quickly and seizing the second checkpoint with over three and a half minutes to take the final point.

Fuel stabilizes on the Point C defense with just under two minutes for Boston to take the final point. Boston pulls through and claims Point C in overtime, completing their attack round.

Starting their attack run, Fuel decides to switch it up and run Effect on Genji, putting aKm on Widowmaker to support the dive composition. Mickie takes an early pick on Kellex, but finds himself alone and fails to escape. Close to a Point A capture, Fuel pushes in and tries to secure the first objective while Effect is back in the shuttle bay, looking for an opportunity to use his Dragonblade. Unfortunately for Fuel, DreamKazper is able to kill Effect and the rest of Uprising move in to further stall the payload. Boston wins the next fight, leaving Fuel with just over a minute left to capture Point A.

Unable to pull through and claim Point A, Fuel loses their attack and Boston claims the final map to finish out the series.

Final series score: Boston Uprising 4-0.

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