Kassai: Outland Mercenary | A Competitive Blitz Skirmish Deck Tech

Kassai: Outland Mercenary | A Competitive Blitz Skirmish Deck Tech

Today, I’m excited to bring you a competitive Kassai, Cintari Sellsword Blitz list to slice & dice your way through Skirmish season. Kassai got some massive upgrades in Everfest with a wide variety of powerful cards that enable a go-wide offensive strategy with Cintari Sabers. There’s also more incentive than ever to amass a treasure hoard of copper tokens with three cards in the deck that allow you to directly cash in your copper for some truly incredible turns.

Decklist: https://fabdb.net/decks/zVnYQMaY 

Turns out, mercenary work in Rathe pays quite well with the new warrior tricks gained from Everfest.

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Let’s jump in!

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The Strategy

Core Equipment Setup: Arcanite Skullcap, Courage of Bladehold, Braveforge Bracers, Valiant Dynamo.

Kassai got some HUGE upgrades with Everfest. Cintari Sabers are more lethal and difficult to block than ever, and Blood on Her Hands + Courage of Bladehold creates one truly explosive turn every game. We build around low resource costs to prioritize swinging both our swords at least once every turn. The goal of the deck is quite simple. Attack with both your sabers each turn, and empower them as able. Build up your copper as you land hits on your opponent and combo off!

This list can take advantage of amazing armor blocks from Valiant Dynamo, consistently blocking one point of damage for free almost every turn. On top of Dynamo, Kassai has great armor from Skullcap (in matches we want more density like Guardian, Ranger, and the Warrior mirror), Courage, and Braveforge Bracers and can use that as the primary means of defense while getting aggressive with her attacks. If you’re going second, don’t be afraid to block with your boots on turn one, a -1 defense counter rarely matters for this equipment.

Rush to amass copper tokens and spend them for some wild combo turns with Cash In and Blood on Her Hands. Use Oath of Steel on your big Blood on Her Hands + Courage of Bladehold turn to devastate your opponent and push upwards of 20 damage across the table.

You can leverage your very high armor density and a strong offensive plan as your primary means of defense. Consistently attacking for 10+ damage on most turns will force many foes to take a more defensive approach to the match, in which case you’ll more consistently have access to big 4-5 card hands to maintain an iron grip on the tempo of the game.

Tip: This deck is fun, easy to pilot once you learn the interactions, difficult to block, and surprisingly tanky! Just don’t forget to collect your loot and make all the copper tokens you’re supposed to from your various triggers—you need to get paid for your mercenary work.

We run a single copy of Nourishing Emptiness for its powerful effect in Warrior and ability to generate a 5-6 card hand. You can potentially swing in with this AFTER attacking once or twice with your sabers on the same turn.

The Core

The core of Kassai’s build is go again. We need to consistently have a way to enable a second swing with our sabers to take advantage of Kassai’s hero ability (generating copper tokens even without the support of cards in the deck.) We also run an extremely low-to-the-ground resource curve to create powerful turns without needing a lot of resources to pitch. 19 reds, 9 yellows, and 12 blues feels like the perfect allocation right now spread across the cards that have been chosen.

The Go-again package for my list sports 18 cards that give our weapons go-again. A quick check with the hypergeometric calculator shows that you should expect a source of go again in 91% of the hands of four you draw for your first hand of the game.

The offensive package enables cards like Oath of Steel, Out for Blood, Second Swing, In the Swing, Outland Skirmish and Slice and Dice to empower our attacks and make our sabers very difficult to block. Cintari Saber’s intrinsic ability: “If Cintari Saber is defended by an attack action card, it gains +1 until the end of turn” can be paired with your other power-ups to create awkward breakpoints for your opponent to defend.

Resourceful Kassai players will pay attention to the potential breakpoints of their attacks to generate more copper tokens, faster, than simply trying to push more raw damage through. There’s a trade-off to this approach and it’s not always possible on each and every turn, but this level of expertise and mastery with this fundamental concept of Flesh & Blood is essential learning for mastery of a hero like Kassai.

Copper generation is crucial. In addition to Kassai’s hero ability, we have Outland Skirmish and Spoils of War to fuel our ability to amass wealth. Cash In and Blood on Her Hands are the payoff cards for generating our fortune (and powering up our attacks while doing it). Both are powerful options, but you should focus on setting up your Blood on Her Hands for x=6 as soon as possible (Ideally backed behind a 5-card hand.) If you can hit a five-card hand with Blood on Her Hands + Cash In with 10+ copper tokens, Kassai can generate upwards of 30 damage with the right hand (though this is an edge case).

The turn with Blood on Her Hands + Courage of Bladehold will by far be the most explosive turn we play. This will effectively make Kassai’s sabers cost zero to swing with and will enable the most possible power from Blood on Her Hands. Oath of Steel is much more valuable here as it represents 6+ additional damage when paired with Blood on Her Hands. This is the equivalent of just getting to play a virtual Scar for a Scar (Red) for free during your turn (spread out over your attacks, of course).

Tip: Just make sure to take advantage of your first Courage of Bladehold block (2 armor) before destroying this armor piece for your big combo turn. Every life point matters, and blocking with this armor before your combo effectively nets you an additional two life in the match!

If your first combo turn doesn’t kill the opponent, you can set up a second, albeit smaller combo turn off your second copy of Blood on Her Hands. Needless to say, you don’t want to be blocking with Blood on Her Hands. If it shows up early in your hand, pitch it early to pay for your effects and look for it to come around later.

What to Look Out For

Like any go-wide hero that leverages an extremely low-to-the-ground resource curve and many actions per turn, Kassai can be weak to ice-based strategies that leverage Frostbite and cards like Channel Lake Frigid. Cards that take away go again like Spinal Crush and Red in the Ledger are also an issue. Ranger’s Remorseless can heavily tax our life total for playing out our ‘cheerios’ style hands into our Sabers.

These types of strategies and turns will create hurdles that can drastically slow Kassai’s momentum and swing the tempo away from us. You will likely need to strike a balance between defending and protecting your life total while also retaliating with as much damage as you can against turns like this. Take a measured approach, try to wait out the disruption, and set up your next powerful turn to get back on top and steal the tempo back in your favor.


Kassai is an incredibly fun, thematic, and competitive choice heading into the upcoming Skirmish season. I expect she will be a very strong hero choice in the emerging Everfest Blitz meta!

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