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Combining creativity and analytical attention to detail.

About Me

Hi, my name is Drew Cordell and I am a graduating senior at The University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I have always been both creative and analytical, able to build innovative, out-of-the-box solutions to problems that increase efficiency.

My passion is writing, and I have published four full-length science fiction novels with a collaborative series in the works with The New York Times Best-Selling Author M.D. Cooper. Through my writing and other professional projects, I have built a diverse skill set which allows me to excel in solving problems and creating solutions.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and look at some of my past projects.


Drew Cordell

972-832-1829; drew@drewcordell.com or drewcordell9@gmail.com



The University of Texas at Dallas

B.S., Business Administration; Concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Graduated fall, 2017.




Published Science Fiction Author – http://amzn.to/2h2REcS

December 2016 – Present

  • Published four full-length science fiction novels and two novellas, and multiple anthology and magazine submissions.
  • Manage all aspects of creating, marketing, and financing my brand.
  • Partnering with The New York Times Bestselling author, M.D Cooper to write a collaborative series.

APAA – Business Development Intern

January 2017 – May 2017

  • Helped APAA develop a marketing plan to support their core business offerings and provide revenue to support expansion.
  • Created APAA’s website: http://apaarecovery.org
  • Drafted a complete marketing plan for APAA to significantly expand their outreach and revenue to support their non-profit organization.

Orametrix – Operations Intern

June 2016- August 2016

  • Created a spreadsheet application designed to optimize manufacturing production workflows and reduce shipping costs.
  • My application resulted in a 10% decrease in overall shipping costs for Orametrix custom-printed 3d arches.
  • Improved managerial access to manufacturing metrics to aid in future decision making through tracking reports embedded in my application.

Cryptocoinsnews.com Bitcoinist.net and Bitcoin.com Journalist and Assistant Editor

March 2013 – June 2016

  • Authored and edited Bitcoin news articles to provide quality content for these news sites on a freelance basis.
  • My content consistently ranked well on Google News, providing increased readership traffic and advertising revenue.
  • Connected with industry experts, startups, and more to form a valuable network of peers within the Bitcoin industry.

Additional Skills

Microsoft Office, WordPress site development, creative and technical writing, copyediting and proofing, linear optimization, business modeling, business development, marketing, financial concepts, accounting concepts, project management, analytics, Database management.


Download a copy of my resume here.

My Projects

Orametrix Manufacturing Optimization


Through my Internship at Orametrix, an orthodontics manufacturing company in Richardson, Texas, I was tasked with optimizing manufacturing workflows to reduce overall shipping costs. In order to do this, I took a hands-on approach and learned all the steps that went into manufacturing, learning them in a way that would allow me to analyze and quantify them later down the line.

After learning all the steps that went into manufacturing custom-bent wires for braces and arches used by orthodontists to press their own Invisalign-like products, I started the process of quantifying variables and integrating my spreadsheet with company data.

With the help of IT and a systems engineer, I integrated my spreadsheet with the company database, allowing me to import all existing and previous customer orders to begin building my application. To reduce the number of packages shipped, I found the chance a customer would place an additional order within the shipping window of another order. My spreadsheet assigned a weighted value to each customer based on their quality and changed first in first out to a process which sorted by customer quality.

The end result of my internship was a working spreadsheet application which would automatically sort the manufacturing queue and assign new customer values on a daily basis, thus creating a system which would improve over time as more data was crunched. This spreadsheet application reduced the number of packages shipped by Orametrix by 10% and also provides management with useful metrics which can be helpful in decision-making.

Skills: Project management, workflow optimization, analytical design, excel spreadsheet applications, VBA development, linear algebra.

While the resulting spreadsheet is proprietary company property, my flowchart is not.

DownProject management, spreadsheet applications, workflow optimization, analytical problem-solving. 

NVIDIA Company Analysis

Through my Capstone course, I analyzed NVIDIA as a company, evaluating the strength of their business and corporate-level strategies, finances, core business offerings, and competitive landscape. Through this 30-page report, I applied everything I have learned in my degree, looking at the company from the inside out and comparing it to its closest competitor, AMD, in order to make recommendations to the company going forward.

Skills: Business analysis, finance, marketing, business strategy, entrepreneurship, technical and business writing.

You can download and read the report right here.

Coffee House Cafe Crowdfunding

Coffee House Cafe is an award-winning community restaurant located in Dallas, Texas. This semester, I have had the opportunity to work as lead intern and manage a small team of four other interns as they work on a variety of projects throughout the restaurant.

Through my Internship at Coffee House Cafe this semester, I have had the opportunity to work on the development of a new business vertical, the construction of an in-house coffee roaster. My main responsibility was working with the owner of CHC, Carrie Kelleher, to develop an entire Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign based on my experience using the platform for my own books.

I priced out our products, calculated costs, wrote the copy for the Kickstarter campaign, and created a media kit which we will use to promote our campaign once it goes live this November along with helping with various projects in operations, working with my interns and regular employees of the restaurant to solve problems and implement solutions.

Link to the campaign.

Skills: Crowdfunding, product development, team management, marketing, copywriting, business development, leadership.

My Books

The Absolute Knowledge Universe

Cyberpunk/ hard science fiction. Available for free with Kindle Unlimited. Absolute Infinite is expected to release in Q1, 2018.